Southern belle

  • Aperture: f/4
  • Focal Length: 300mm
  • ISO: 640
  • Shutter: 1/320 sec
  • Camera: NIKON D1H

Northport, Alabama

Things that made my day:

The words and images that are coming so quickly these days I can barely find outlets for them all.
A long walk, even though my feet were tired by late afternoon.
Pleasure shooting and letting go of expectations.
Seeing Porf smiling and happy.
Visiting with old co-workers and dishing gossip.
Meeting a new photographer, swapping small talk and business cards.
Picking up a few new story/photo ideas.
Mingling with God-knows-how-many photographers.
Finding a porch full of cats on an unexpected street and making more than a few nice images.
Learning about two Mississippi towns filled with possibility.
Getting a totally unexpected phone call.

On the bad side, I broke another flash today. But you know, I don’t even really care. Well, not much anyway. πŸ™‚

[Note: I’m shooting a LOT. As a result, I’m posting multiple times a day. I’m just in a prolific can’t write/shoot fast enough phase. If you want to make sure you didn’t miss something β€” and it’s my fervent hope that at least a few of you care β€” always click the image to see the previous one. After months of sporadic shooting, new gear has me salivating to shoot constantly. Thanks, Robert. I owe you so much more than I give. Sorry about the flash. I’ll fix this one. πŸ™‚ ]

Music: Heart of Blues by Jude ColeΒ (lyrics)

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