• ISO: 400
  • Shutter: 1/50 sec
  • Camera: NIKON D1H

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of my few LensBaby shots that sort of worked out — Alec Long at 30th Street Station as we wiled away my last hour in Pennsylvania.

As you all may have surmised, I am totally off-kilter. Out of sorts, out of routine. Vacation tends to do that to me. I’m not shooting, not writing, not posting — not, not, NOT. Not anything at all.

Bear with me while I try to regain my equilibrium in the only way I know how. The same way Cloudybright came to be. A fast and furious write-shoot-work regimen. At best, I end up creating some decent stuff. At worst, I make a few bucks in the process. At the very worst, I kill a few hours that had a short fuse anyway.

Really, I don’t have anything to lose. Assignments are light and the week is wide open. I’m restless and anxious, keyed up and pre-occupied. Longtime CB readers can probably guess where that’s likely to take me. (Extra points if you can guess not only the “where,” but the “what” also.)

As for the why — only the muse knows.

Daytripper by The Beatles (lyrics)

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