The other side

Flowers and trees
  • Aperture: f/4
  • Focal Length: 200mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Shutter: 1/500 sec
  • Camera: NIKON D1H

Northport, Alabama

I would write something, but — what can I say really?

My neighbor’s fence. My neighbor’s redbud trees. Me on my front porch.

My neighbor has an old truck. It doesn’t make a pretty backdrop. I thought of cloning it out. Glossing it up. I don’t care so much. I have my own peeling paint. My own splintered fences. I look out my window sometimes, meditate on his trees, and ponder such ragged beauty in this barren world.

If you’ve never stood there, then no words I could spill would ever make you understand.

Music: No Birds Today by Cowboy Junkies (lyrics)

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