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Northport, Alabama

Sometimes, when I need it the most, life has a way of reminding me that I’m going to be okay. It was a busy weekend filled with all the things I like best, in chronological order:

* A heart-felt, tear-laden conversation when I needed a girlfriend the most. Thanks, S.

* A hot, hot, hot (did I mention HOT?) bath after a week without gas. Thanks, K.

* A Friday night date on the couch watching a movie with my favorite boy. Thanks, N.

* A secret bag of popcorn procured from a backpack after a disappointing mid-movie rendezvous with grapes. Thanks again, N.

* Saturday morning spent cleaning the yard and trimming the grass around Boogie’s grave. Thanks, N.

* Saturday afternoon in the company of some of my closest friends, snorting punch up my nose and makingPysanky. Thanks to everyone, but B. and R. especially.

* The cup of coffee I wouldn’t drink that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. Thanks, K.

* The few blissful moments of being hugged by a toddler. Thanks, A.J.P. — and M. and S. for sharing.

* The incredibly hard but much-needed conversation that lightened my heart and straightened my head. Thanks, A.

* The eight solid hours of totally restful sleep. Thanks A. and N.

* The new client that inspired me to spend my morning perusing wedding books and photos. Thanks, K.

* The leisurely morning spent web-surfing and drinking coffee. Thanks, N.

* The unexpected rush of pleasure during a haphazard writing session. Thanks, R. 🙂

* The client who offered a project that will pay for my teeth to be cleaned this week. Thanks, M.

* The cake that totally rocked when I usually hate birthday cake. Thanks, A.

* The afternoon spent in the company of friends, laughing and, yeah — crying some. Thanks, R, S, S, and N.

* The opportunity to do a good deed and give greater meaning to Boogie’s death. Thanks, R.

* The comfortable Sunday evening dinner shared over crab rangoon, shrimp fried rice, and the Sunday paper. Thanks, N.

* The list of seven potential clients sitting on my desk, awaiting the beginning of the work week tomorrow. Thanks, A. and K.

* The goodnight that has become so much a part of the fabric of my life. Love, much honor, and blessed friendship indeed. Always. Thanks, A.

Music: All the Gold in California by The Gatlin Brothers (lyrics)

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