Triple threat


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I have one more set of images from this photo shoot — with the model wearing different clothes — that I would like to post and then I will return to my normal work.

It was kind of nice to break out of my routine and do something a little different though. Earlier today I shot a fourth grade talent show and a luncheon for The Tuscaloosa News. Saturday I will be shooting a police picnic for The Tuscaloosa News and two specials (college softball) for the Associated Press, to run in The Birmingham News and Newsday. Monday I will shoot a tech portrait of a former Marine for Army Times.

The next time I am gnawing the baseboards with boredom, someone please remind me that down time rarely lasts for long. Work is interesting, work is steady, work is paying well, and work is making me happy. One thing is for sure, a photojournalist’s life may be many things, but it is seldom boring.

Music of the day: Wild by Poe (lyrics)

Favorite photo today: Vacation by Alec Long of Shutter and Pupil

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