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Vance, Alabama

A row of Mercedes M-Class vehicles are lined up in a production room at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International May 3, 2005 at the plant in Vance, Ala. The company unveiled its new $600 million expansion during a press conference Tuesday afternoon. More than 5,000 people attended the event. (Photo by Carmen K. Sisson/Freelance for The Mobile Register)

More details of this photo shoot can be seen in the previous post. I have posted a total of four photos today to make up for my recent absence, so you may want to click back a few times to catch anything you missed. Speaking of which, apologies for my recent reticence. I have been terrible with responding to email/comments, but I read it all and it means a lot to me. I promise. If I don’t reply in person to you, check the comments. I will try to be better about responding there at least. Anyway, since I am still not really in the mood to seriously write, I thought I might just make a few lists today for your amusement and because it is 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep. So…

Current obsessions (the ones I want to admit anyway): Starbucks mocha frappuccino; Coca-Cola; the new Mac OS 10.4, codenamed Tiger (for anyone who wonders, yes the Dashboard totally rocks, especially the weather, translation, phone book, and dictionary widgets); Netflix (feel free to recommend movies as I have seen very few and know virtually nothing about actors, actresses, plotlines, etc.); and always, always Paris.

Current wants (this is kind of long, and the sad thing is that it’s an abbreviated list): two Alien Bees 400 flash units (deep space black) or two White Lightning UltraZAP 800s; large softbox, two light stands, two black/white shoot-thru umbrellas, boom arm attachment, Pocket Wizards; 105mm f 2.8 Nikkor (or Sigma) macro lens; Nikon SB-800 Speedlight; JBL Creature Speakers; Treo 650, Photoshop CS2; someone to Photoshop all the stuff I am not in the mood to Photoshop, health insurance.

Current happy stuff: Sarah was promoted to an editorial position at Hernando Today; I am making enough money to pay my bills; Lent is over; Nicholas and I are going out for Art Night and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Thursday night; my favorite client was very happy with our most recent project together.

Current stresses (the ones I want to talk about anyway): What started out as a minor earache a week ago has become a full-blown screaming pain on the entire right side of my head, stretching along the length of my jawbone to encompass my temple, neck, and everything in between. I received a notice stating that I owe an obscene amount in student loans. My apartment looks like a tornado hit. I botched a recent job for the paper because I have been busy/distracted/etc. lately. I have a stack of Photoshop work to do and keep piling more on top of it to the point that I may never catch up.

Music of the day: We Are Nowhere and It’s Now by Bright Eyes (lyrics)

Current websites I’m reading (not including all my usual favorites like Shutter and Pupil, Round Here, Chromasia, Jui.cc, etc.: Grey Expectations, Noah’s Lark, Dooce, Jen Gray, Snapped Shots.

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