Still waters


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sometimes I like to slip outside early in the morning, and inevitably my feet lead me to the river’s edge. Maybe it is because I grew up on the water. Maybe it is because my heart so often craves the tranquility and solace that the river offers.

Like my soul, the waters of the Black Warrior River are muddy and deep, peaceful on the surface and restless below. But like the river, the depths of my soul hold the potential for life, for beauty, for something yet unknown to me.

Sometimes when I look deeply enough, I can see a swirling of colors, a hint of another world, a reflection of a girl I used to know looking back at me. And sometimes — in those moments — I look through my lens and manage to find myself.

Music of the day: Dark Days by The Perishers (lyrics)

Rain City by Turin Brakes (lyrics)

Eastern Glow by The Album Leaf (lyrics)

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