Harrison Galleries Project

Still Life

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This marks the completion of my most recent project, photographing a series of art work for a local gallery. The setup can be seen in the previous post.

In retrospect, there are a lot of things I should have done differently. The reflections were difficult to handle, and keeping the backdrop pure white proved more challenging than I expected. Hopefully the photographs will suit the client’s needs, because he is one of my favorites, and I would hate to disappoint him.

Music of the day: April Shoot Mix: Dark Days by The Perishers, Hey Pretty by Poe, Dice by Finley Quay and William Orbit, Dulab Rast by Turbo Tabla & Bassam Saba, Eastern Glow by The Album Leaf, Evening Rain by Moby, Haunted by Poe, Falling Out of Love at This Volume by Bright Eyes, Love and Peace or Else by U2, Lover I Don’t Have to Love by Bright Eyes, My Hometown by The Perishers, Not Coming Home by Maroon 5, Rain City by Turin Brakes, Summer Romance by Incubus, Wild by Poe, Sway by The Perishers, Take It Easy (Love Nothing) by Bright Eyes, Trouble Sleeping by The Perishers.

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