Northport, Alabama

Ordinarily, I try not to post similar images back to back, but I spent much of my day tangling with car mechanics, insurance agents, bill collectors, clients, computers, and family members.

To make up for not shooting something new, and to give myself something to do since my brain is not willing to sleep tonight, I have created two additional posts for the day, including a movie I made for a new client and a photograph of my furry co-worker, complete with links to two stories I wrote about his arrival in my life.

I promise, if I ever get my car back (and it is looking very doubtful because the transmission appears to be shot), I will go out and shoot something new. Meanwhile, these images are new to you guys anyway.

And for those who wonder, let me just say for the ten-thousandth time that you guys rock. Every one of you. You save my life in ways you don’t even realize, and I owe you all more than you will ever know. Thank you. Always. Always.

Music of the day: Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin

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