Bye Bye, Basketball


Birmingham, Alabama

Shots from the state high school basketball playoffs yesterday. My team took home the 3A title. Other than that, not much to say besides the fact that I had an excellent day in terms of finding good parking and securing wireless internet access at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center as well as at Barnes and Noble later that afternoon.

A picture of the room where the photographers transmitted their photos can be seen to the right. And yes, that is my PowerBook, my Domke bag, my 80-200 and my cold chicken sandwich sitting there in the foreground. Basically, photographers and reporters have a room set aside to work on photos and then transmit to their papers via FTP. Usually at sporting events the media handlers provide food, which is cool because sometimes it is the only thing you get to eat that day.

I enjoyed shooting it, but I am glad that basketball is over. Now I’m ready for long, lazy afternoons of softball.

Music of the day: Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

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