Love Letters

Still Life

Northport, Alabama

I adore love letters. I would much rather have a heart-felt handful of sentences than almost anything else in the world. If I receive a book or photograph as a gift, I always look for the inscription and can’t help but be a little disappointed if it’s not there.

Luckily, Nicholas and I are of the same mind-set when it comes to this area of romance. We were especially prolific in the early years of our relationship, pouring out our feelings on every scrap of paper we could find. He would pack my lunch and leave a note inside; I would scrawl words of love across the bathroom mirror with soap. I usually leave notes from him wherever I found them to surprise me another day, which means that many of them end up in my luggage.

Sometimes it seems like we have been apart more than we have been together. I go home to Mobile fairly frequently, and he rarely fails to stash some tiny token of his affection for me to discover while I am gone.

A lot has changed since we first met 12 years ago. I am not the same girl that I once was. Things have changed. I have changed.

In some ways, our life is more complicated now, but in other ways it is still breathtakingly simple. Girl was so very sad and lonely; boy was so gentle and kind. Girl wanted to be taken care of; boy wanted to be needed. It worked.

Music of the day: Don’t You Need by Melissa Etheridge

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