Christmas Spirit

Macro / Still Life
  • ISO: 400
  • Shutter: 1/30 sec
  • Camera: NIKON D1H

Northport, Alabama

Note to self: People with seven cats should always remove the hair from the ornaments BEFORE shooting with a macro lens. This shot turned out okay but required a lot of post-production due to cat hairs absolutely covering the top of the ornament. I didn’t notice them as I was shooting, but they showed up in vivid detail once I got the picture into Photoshop.

This is the first of what I suspect will be many Christmas shots this month. For some reason, I am really in the holiday spirit even though work is slow and this hasn’t been the greatest year for me. On some level, I think maybe I am over-compensating in an attempt to make things seem better than they are, or maybe I just finally have the time to think of things other than work. Regardless, my tree is decorated, icicle lights are hung, and there is a lighted tree and two reindeer (courtesy of our landlord) greeting me outside my apartment every evening when I come home.

There will not be many presents under the tree this year, but it gives me a good excuse to try to experience the holiday in a more meaningful way. Last night, Nicholas and I went to Art Night in downtown Tuscaloosa and Northport, strolling in the chilly night air as we admired the Christmas lights on our way from one art gallery to the other. We had free wine and snacks at the galleries, then treated ourselves to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant since we have not been out in a while.

Tonight we went to his office Christmas party and really took the time to listen and laugh as his co-workers shared stories about their lives. Even though neither of us are very outgoing, we really enjoyed ourselves and created lasting memories on both nights.

That means more than all the pretty presents we could ever place beneath the tree.

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