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Northport, Alabama

Okay, I admit that this shot lacks a certain something. That’s why I didn’t post it a few weeks earlier when it was taken. That being said, let me just qualify it by saying that I did not want to miss a day in posting and yet I have been extremely busy shooting and post-processing work for the paper, which hasn’t left much time for creative pursuits. So — it’s two for one day! And tomorrow, I promise to shoot something new, just for the site.

As for this image, it is a photograph of a World War II-era pocket dictionary which my grandfather said was given to him when he was in the Navy. Apparently, all the soldiers received little dictionaries like these. Sadly, my grandfather never learned to read, so this dictionary wasn’t all that useful to him. As for me, I took French, German, and Spanish simultaneously in high school and followed that up with 21 hours of French in college.

Don’t speak French to me though; I barely remember any of it and what I do remember is mixed with German.

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