Still Life

Northport, Alabama

I’m so glad that I had this to shoot today, because my assignments for the paper were less than exciting, just your typical newspaper-type stuff. You don’t realize how much a daily diet of oatmeal leaves you feeling bored and unsatisfied until you decide to branch out and do something a little different. Just knowing that I was planning to make this shot later made it a lot easier to do my work and get it over with without obsessing about the pointlessness of it all.

Perhaps I am lucky that I did not get the job. There is much to be said for remaining a freelancer instead of becoming a staff photographer. I see this sight on my bedroom dresser every day… nothing special, just perfume bottles reflected in the dresser mirror. But somehow they always catch my eye and whisper of firelight and candles, winter nights curled up in front of the dancing flames of a raging fire.

With the approach of fall, my thoughts always turn like a meandering river, burnished copper with the colors of the season — browns, oranges, reds, golds and sages — I love them all and I wanted to capture them with this photograph. How strange it is that a season of death always results in my own inner reawakening. The crisp evenings, the endless gray days, plaid blankets on the bed and spicy hot tea — how have I lived without your comfort?

Come swiftly gentle season — it’s been a long, hard summer.

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